Xivent medical

What we do

XiVent Medical specialises in inventive clinical systems for minimally invasive interventions in oncology. Together with renowned partners from both field and industry we develop, integrate and market flexible technology for a wide range of clinical environments with the aim of improving the results in clinical, economic as well as in logistical respect.

Business acumen

In designing advanced and sensible technology we closely collaborate with our clinical partners, not limiting ourselves to the area of development and validation but explicitly including practical introduction and dissemination. Typically, for its commercial success and widespread acceptance by the clinical community, innovative technology depends on a balanced combination of efficacy (clinical evidence), efficiency (economic justification) and proliferation (professional education and patient awareness).

Our field roots

XiVent Medical est.14 (xiv*) December 2009. Together the founders offer you more than 20 years of valuable practice in the medical device industry and oncology care. With their extensive international track record in comprehensive business management (ranging from research, product development, marketing, business strategy, professional education and operational support) they bring a wealth of business experience to the fore.

Who we are

  1. Erik Agterhuis Erik Agterhuis
  2. Business Development and R&D
  3. Antar El-Mecky Antar El-Mecky
  4. Marketing & Sales
Xivent medical

est. 14 December 2009

Etymological clarifications
(in case we started you wondering)

  1. • XiV = Roman script for ‘14’
  2. • Xi = xivth letter in Greek alphabet
  3. • Xi= Mandarin for ‘joy’, ‘delight’
  4. • Vent = short for ‘venture’
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